1-800-LASIK DOC ®
  Become the premiere lasik surgeon in your market with 1-800-LASIK DOC.
  Simple Branding: More and more lasik surgeons are advertising in print and on the radio these days with numeric phone numbers. Break through the clutter with a brand that potential patients will remember with 1-800-LASIK DOC. 1-800-LASIK DOC makes referrals a snap because your patients will all tell their friends and family to just call the LASIK DOC when they are ready for refractive surgery.
  Cost Effective: Even just one additional patient retained through 1-800-LASIK DOC may more than pay for the phone number for a year or more. The use of such a memorable number can help you attract 25% or more business without increasing your advertising budget.
  Licensed by: Area Code
  From: $100 per month