1-800-SKIN DOC ™
  Become the premiere dermatologist in your market with 1-800-SKIN DOC.
  Simple Branding: 1-800-SKIN DOC is an easy to remember way to promote your dermatology practice and for patients to make referrals - “Just call my dermatologist at 1-800-SKIN DOC.” The memorability of 1-800-SKIN DOC also keeps your existing patients from having to look up your phone number when they need to make an appointment – making sure they call you instead of finding your competition in the Yellow Pages.
  Cost Effective: Even just one additional patient retained through 1-800-SKIN DOC may more than pay for the phone number for a year or more. The use of such a memorable number can help you attract 25% or more business without increasing your advertising budget.
  Licensed by: Area Code
  From: $50 per month