1-800-INJURED ®
  1-800-INJURED is the flagship number for personal injury attorneys and is one of the most successful vanity phone numbers in history.
  Proven Results: 1-800-INJURED has proven to increase call volumes 20% - 200% for our existing licensees in over 100 television markets.
  National Recognition: 1-800-INJURED has been advertised nationally for over 20 years, making the number a household name wherever cable systems carry Super Station WGN out of Chicago. The number is in use in over 37 states.
  Peer Support: 1-800-INJURED licensees join a peer group with unparalleled experience advertising in non-competitive markets. Learn the secrets of attorney advertising and practice management though our email listserv and annual conferences.
  Licensed by: Nielsen TV DMA
  From: $375 per month