1-800-NOT GUILTY ®
  Become the first number people think of when they get arrested with 1-800-NOT GUILTY
  Perfect Brand: The two most memorable words in criminal law wrapped up in one phone number: NOT GUILTY. Give potential clients a number to cut through the clutter of the yellow pages and make your firm stand out. If a potential client is in jail, they are going to remember 1-800-NOT GUILTY and call you first. 1-800-NOT GUILTY is the perfect number to advertise for every sort of criminal case.
  Growing Recognition: 1-800-NOT GUILTY is now in use in over 20 states and is growing rapidly.
  Peer Support: By licensing 1-800-NOT GUILTY, you join a group of advertisers who have experienced success with the phone number. Learn the secrets of criminal advertising through our email listserv, conference calls, and annual conferences.
  Licensed by: County
  From: $50 per month