1-800-2 MOVE IT ™
  Turn your vehicles into moving billboards with 1-800-2 MOVE IT.
  Branding: Brand yourself as the complete moving company with 1-800-2 MOVE IT. Make referrals a snap when customers you’ve helped move tell their friends and family to just call 1-800-2 MOVE IT.
  Prestige Building: 1-800-2 MOVE IT gives your company instant prestige, making it look larger and more established, and will help you compete with the national moving lines.
  Cost Effective: Studies show that up to 10-20 thousand people see your service trucks every week. Converting your service trucks to 1-800-2 MOVE IT gives you a cost effective way to generate calls, and consumers an easy way to remember you when they need a mover. Each vehicle painted with 1-800-2 MOVE IT should be able to generate at least one additional job per quarter.
  Licensed by: Area Code
  From: $50 per month