1-800-EMPLOYED ™
  Become the premiere staffing firm with 1-800-EMPLOYED.
  Simple Branding: The word EMPLOYED means a lot in this economy. 1-800-EMPLOYED allows your ad to stick out from the clutter of staffing advertising. The Chicago Tribune reports that advertisers who use a 1-800 vanity number enjoy a 10 to 1 better response rate to those that don’t. Brand your self as the employment specialist and companies will call you when they have a high priority position to fill.
  Prestige Building: Even if you are a sole proprietorship, 1-800-EMPLOYED gives potential clients the impression that your firm is larger and more established and makes your advertisement stick out from the clutter of other staffing companies advertising.
  Cost Effective: Even placing just one additional candidate retained through 1-800-EMPLOYED may more than pay for the phone number for a year or more. The use of such a memorable number can help you attract 25% or more business without increasing your advertising budget.
  Licensed by: Area Code
  From: $50 per month