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Stats & Facts about 1-800 vanity phone numbers
Stats & Facts
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1-800 toll free vanity number statistics

  • 90% of Americans say they use toll free numbers.

  • A productive ad featuring a 1-800 Vanity phone number can generate a response rate of 30% or better.
  • Vanity 800 numbers improve consumer recall rates in visual aids by up to 84% and yield a recall rate nine times higher than recall in broadcast ads versus numeric toll free numbers.

  • 58% of magazine ads contain a 1-800 Vanity number with 82% of those using the 800 prefix.

  • A Chicago Tribune advertising survey found that advertisers using 1-800 vanity numbers were getting ten times the amount of response to those advertising with a local numeric number.
  • 72% of billboards that contain a telephone number feature a toll-free vanity number.

  • In a national survey, 91% of respondents said they prefer a 1-800 prefix over 1-888 because 1-800 is easier to remember and people reflexively dial the 800 prefix even when calling another toll free exchange.
  • 58% of consumers prefer to reach a local business by dialing a vanity 800 number, rather than a local number or numeric toll-free number.

  • 24% of TV commercials use a toll-free number, and of that percentage, 57% are a 1-800 Vanity number.

  • 94% of consumers recognize '800' as toll free, compared with a mere 55% who recognize 866, only 56% that recognize 877 and just 70% recognizing 888 as toll free exchanges.

  • In a TV campaign test of 1-800-PRODIGY versus their numeric 800 number, Prodigy Internet pulled 25% more response over a 24 hour period of time.

Why 1-800 vanity numbers work

Numerous studies have been done to show why 1-800 vanity numbers work. Those studies have concluded that 1-800-vanity numbers work because they attain:

  1. Retention
    1-800 vanity numbers are easy to remember, resulting in calls, which would otherwise be lost from those consumers who are not able or willing to write down a phone number when they hear it.

  2. Product Association
    Consumers associate 1-800 vanity numbers with products. When a decision is made to inquire about a new product, if a consumer remembers a number from an advertisement, he or she will dial it first.

  3. Customer Satisfaction
    Consumers prefer 1-800 vanity numbers to local numbers because they are synonymous with customer satisfaction. When you're paying for the call, the consumer knows that you will have a knowledgeable sales person answering the phone.

  4. Expanded Sales Territory
    1-800 vanity numbers increase the range of your advertising, drawing calls from consumers who would normally first call a competitor down the street from them.

  5. Increased Campaign Life
    1-800 vanity numbers become imprinted in a prospect's memory. Long after a campaign is completed, 1-800 vanity numbers continue to produce calls.
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